Sh-tuff I've Made.

I go through spurts(hahaha) where I will blog regularly, then stop. Then blog again, then stop. Such is the cycle. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that my keyboard looks like this:

And using the spacebar requires a jackhammer and a bulldozer (what?). Nevermind.

As a stay-at-home mom, who isn't so much good at the stay-at-home part, I set out on a journey. A journey of sanity, if you will. See, the cliffs of insanity! (name that movie) Because, whether you like it or not, being at home a lot, when you'r a SAHM is nearly unavoidable. But I digress.

Anyhoo, this Sanity Journey began, where all journey's should. Google . And I happened upon a few websites (not THOSE sites, perverts), websites of mom's, just like me. Ok, not like me, but needing something besides diapers, and snot to stimulate their minds. Sewing, crapting (spelling fail, intentional), wood building dealio's, and just like that, a DIY'er was born.

I've done quite a few projects, sewing and what not, or what not (name that movie). And, I feels like I wanna show you, show you the crap I've made. Not cuz I think I'm all that awesome, but because....why the hey-diddle not?

Drrrrrruuuuuuummmmmm Roll Please!

Presenting, the artistic capabilities (or lack thereof) of Miss Brianna Walters (yes Miss, because calling me Misses. makes me feel 1,000 years old, and Mrs. Walters is my mother-in-law) Mkay Pumpkin? (name that movie)

First up a Bug and a Tator Tot (heh heh heh):

My Greatest Creation....Ever (TMI)

Second, a plaque sign, thingie: (Mrs.Jones if you're reading this (she isn't), I think of you every time I say "thingie" or "doomaflidgey").
(Made with 100 year-old barn wood from the region of Bates City)

A faux-Pottery Barn mirror -
Inspiration $700.00

My creation $50.....winning

An ancient mosaic -

(FYI, my walls are not pea green as is depicted in this pic)

A rockin' baby doll bed and bedding, for my super-fly niece:

Learning towers:

A hideoderous outdoor bench:

Moby-Style Wraps (please note, I did NOT make the babies in this pic):

All sorts of baby leg warmers:

AND a bikini onesie:

There are more sewing projects, but I won't bore you any longer. In fact, if you are still reading I thank-you.

So, in case you cared(which I'm sure you didn't), you now know about all the stuff I've made, because I'm to cheap to go and buy it.

Until next time. Peace up, A-Town.


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